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Jan 01 2016 0 Comments Tags: Eco-Friendly Resources

My personal favorite sites to visit! Green Child Magazine Eco Nuts Mother Earth Magazine Diaper Swapper Autism Speaks Healthy Child-Healthy World Nicki's Diapers Giving Diapers Breast Cancer Awareness Babyology Earth Mama Uppastured Blog The Practical Green Mom Sustainability Store Blogger Network Change Diapers Blogging Mamas Network Green Mom Network Green Mom Network Picket Fence Blogs Blog Giveaway Directory Simply Stacie Would you like to swap links or see your site listed in our Resource Center?  Please contact us for more information. Please sign up for an email subscription to keep up to date with new blog posting.

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Reusable Cloth Diaper Wipes & Solution Recipe

May 29 2013 13 Comments Tags: Cloth Diaper Wipes, Cloth Diapering

Reusable cloth diaper wipes are affordable, free of harmful chemicals, easy to use and eco-friendly.  If you have decided to cloth diaper your infant or toddler, consider investing in reusable cloth diaper wipes.  They will cut your spending in half

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Cloth Diapering

May 29 2013 0 Comments Tags: Cloth Diaper Wipes, Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering an infant or a toddler is an eco-friendly alternative to maintaining healthy skin, boosting early potty training, economical, and easy to do.  Parents who have chosen to cloth diaper their babies exclusively or partly, have taken a step

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Eye Irritations

Apr 21 2013 0 Comments Tags: Blocked tear ducts

Infants and kids eyes can become easily irritated due to environmental factors.  Factors such as changes in the weather, chemicals, allergies, injuries, bacterial or viral infections can trigger eye irritations.  The two common culprits that causes inflammation of the eyes

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