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Cloth Diapering an infant or a toddler is an eco-friendly alternative to maintaining healthy skin, boosting early potty training, economical, and easy to do.  Parents who have chosen to cloth diaper their babies exclusively or partly, have taken a step closer to offering safe, convenient, comfortable and affordable measures to living green.

Promoting healthy skin, boosting early potty training, & environmentally friendly

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Parents today are becoming more health conscious and environmentally aware about the importance and added benefits of cloth diapering their babies.  Cloth diapering minimizes the occurrences of diaper rash or skin irritation that might be associated with synthetic diapers.  Baby's skin is able to breathe more freely, he/she is able to feel the dampness and give signals to show that it's time to be changed.  This increases confidence and helps with early potty training.  Most importantly, if your child is having frequent episodes of diaper rash or yeast infection due to wearing disposable diapers, try experimenting slowly with cloth diapers. Another important aspect about cloth diapering your child is that they are reusable.  Once your child is fully potty trained, you can store away the diapers for your next baby, or sell them to another family who might be in need of them. 

Fortunately, there is a market out there for use cloth diapers.  The re-sale value is relatively close to the original price.  You can sell/buy used cloth diapers on Diaper Swappers, Spot Corner, Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook; just to name a few.


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Parents who cloth diaper their babies are able to save a lot of money yearly, by investing in an affordable cloth diapering solution that works for them. There are several different styles and brands of cloth diapers that are on the market. Parents should make a conscious decision when choosing what works best for their budgets. The types of cloth diapers that are available for sale are prefolds, contour diapers, fitted diapers, all in ones (AIO) pocket diapers, all in two (AI2), and hybrid. They come in several different sizes that will fit your baby perfectly, or one size that fits all.

Families who are on a tight budget, could consider investing in prefolds or AIO diapers that will grow with their babies.  These cloth diapers are cost effective and will fit their babies  from birth to potty training.

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If you are planning to cloth diaper your baby exclusively, you are going to need to invest in 24-30 cloth diapers.   Cloth wipes are another alternative you could consider, in addition to the homemade wipes solution.  You are going to need 3 - 4 dozens reusable wipes.  You are also going to need a dirty diaper travel bag, diaper pail and a pail liner.  Your first upfront expenses might cost you $350-$400 (depending on your choices of cloth diapering solutions).  This first investment will save you a lot of money over time compared to using disposable diapers which will cost you a fortune.



Fortunately, cloth diapering your baby is very easy and it won't take up much of your time.  If your baby is breast-fed exclusively, simple store the soiled diapers in a diaper pail for 2 days.  Breast milk poop is water-soluble, and will wash away in the cold wash cycle.  However, if your baby is partly breast-fed, his/her feces will not dissolve in cold water.  You could consider investing in a diaper sprayer that attaches to the toilet to remove the solids from the diapers.  Another alternative is to shake or scrape the poop into the toilet.  After prepping the diapers, store them away for 2 days until its time to do laundry. Cloth diapering a child is essentially affordable and environmentally friendly.  Parents are able to offer the best cloth diapering solutions for their babies that are non-toxic and that last from infancy, until they are fully potty trained. The topics written on this blog are my personal opinions and experiences. I do not claim to be an expert on any topics discussed. My suggestions should not be used in place of seeking medical advice. Therefore, I will not be held liable for any accidents, or injuries that might result from you following my recommended home remedy tutorials. As a reader of Woolby & Co. blog, you are fully responsible for your own actions and decision. It is recommended that you consult a physician before starting any course of home remedies.  Kelly's closet is an affiliate link. Please stay tuned for "Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway" June 21st – July 15th, 2013.  

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