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My family and I travel a lot and partake in frequent outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, cycling, jogging and camping.  We have always had a difficult time finding enough storage to fit all of our traveling gears, making them lightweight and easy to carry.  deepcreekpr.com contacted me to do a product review on the Ribs Front Pack.  I have tested the Ribs Front Pack to see whether it's able to store most of my travel gears, baby items and at the same time being light weight.


I received my Ribs Front Pack in the mail couple weeks ago and I have to say that I'm pretty much impressed with its features.  The pack weights 11.3oz.  It has a lot of compartments in the front to store small items.  The straps are strong, adjustable and comfortable while wearing. The color is rich, zippers are strong and the texture is smooth and intact.  Overall, the Ribs Front Pack is well made and can be adjusted to fit adults, regardless of size.

My family and I went hiking last weekend at one of our local wooded parks and had a blast.   We took along our Ribs Front Pack, stored with cloth diapers, wipes, snacks and water for my little guy.  I was able to have easy access to all of my essential items without having to take off my gears.  I had my infant strapped securely on my back and had equal distributing weight in the front.  I loved the fact that I was able to walk for longer distance without having to take along an extra bag or running back to the vehicle to change my baby.


I am very pleased with this product.  It enhances my traveling experiences, by allowing me to keep both baby and essential accessories in close proximity.  I would recommend this product to both moms and dads who enjoy the ease of traveling light and having the basic essential items right at your disposal. For more information about the Ribs Front Pack, please visit their website at http://www.ribzwear.com/.  You may also join them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and google plus. Do you travel a lot or partake in outdoors activities?  Have you ever experience issues of not having the right travel gear that is lightweight and easily accessible?  How do you cope with these issues?  Please share your experiences and suggestions in the box below.  I look forward to reading your comments. Please sign up for an email subscription to keep up to date with new blog posting.

Disclaimer:  I received one product for review purposes using deepcreekpr.com.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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